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Features and benefits:

Compact, very powerful stove. Works on one tab of firewood up to 8 hours!


Heating-cooking stove-fireplace "Vertical ceramic" is in many ways unique. With a modest size, it effectively heats rooms up to 120 cubic meters. and is capable of sustaining heat for up to 8 hours on one tab of firewood in the mode of long burning.


On the back wall of the stove there are special heat sinks, to which ventilation corrugated sleeves can be connected and heated by adjacent air with warm air.


The stove “Vertical ceramic” is equipped with a full-fledged cast-iron stove for cooking - it is very convenient to cook on it.


Construction features:


• Efficient dual turn stainless steel firebox.


• Door with heat-resistant glass.


• Compact size.


• Heat sinks on the back wall.


• Cast iron stove.


ATTENTION! Chimney elements are not included in the stove kit and must be purchased separately.


Artikelnummer: 445568
370,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • Volume Of The Room (Up To) M3 120
    Fuel Type Wood
    Length Of Wood, Mm 450
    Size, Mm 880x375x425
    Weight, Kg 44
    Chimney Diameter, Mm 115
    Glass Diagonal, Mm 300


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